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<[ToT]er_Fed> hmmm, why? <[ToT]er_Fed> [22:54] -Global- [DaTa] Please update your mirc, if it's prior 6.12 <[ToT]er_Fed> i am satisfied with my 5.82 <DaTa> [ToT]er_Fed: its insecure! <[ToT]er_Fed> hmmmz, got a virus on qnet...with newer mirc, so isnt it mor unsevure then? <DaTa> [ToT]er_Fed: the whole windows shit is insecure, please use the newest mirc version if using mirc <[ToT]er_Fed> hrhr, k <[ToT]er_Fed> ^^ -:- [ToT]er_Fed [blubb@2F63C70B.AB65522E.216DF718.IP] has left #help [] -:- []LCH[]Priester [None@ED4B3A2.EEDE6F5B.615F34A9.IP] has joined #help <[]LCH[]Priester> ok who has a crack for 6.12 ? -:- []LCH[]Priester was kicked off #help by DaTa (