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< rkeene> doubletwist, We have our own email accounts, and we login to Exchange with them individually but the mailbox we access is a single mailbox -- when someone on my team reads a message, it's marked as read, etc. We don't have an individual email address or mailbox. <@teclo> separate logins to the same mailbox <@teclo> sounds really dumb < doubletwist> and it's frickin' retarded <@teclo> yeah indeed < rkeene> It's pretty common -- what's uncommon is not having a personal mailbox in addition to the shared one <@teclo> extremely retarded... must be an idea from management < rkeene> It's politically motivated -- they pay per mailbox <@teclo> ah, "politically". that's indeed more retarded than management < rkeene> (Of course, we are the ones charging them per mailbox, for our own mailboxes) <@teclo> ah wait, "pay" ? Then it's not "politically" but "financially" < rkeene> I say politically because the customer is mad that we charge them for mailboxes for ourselves < rkeene> So the customer has reduced the number of mailboxes by getting rid of ours <@teclo> sounds awful < rkeene> So now they pay less, but we can't send them mail, so they created mailboxes (completely separate from accounts, nothing on our accounts changed) for each group and everyone in that group shares that mailbox < rkeene> It is awful. Noone should be doing anything this dumb.